Reasons Why Most People Today Prefer Maintenance Free Auto Batteries

28 Feb

Times are fast changing with the invention of technology which explains why people no longer have to refill their car batteries with distilled water and when the battery dies with no signals. The market today is full of maintenance free auto batteries that offer the best while at the same so convenient bearing in mind that they come sealed and ready for use with no constant need for refilling. The car owner does not also have to worry about acid spillages that are so risky which was one of the greatest challenges with the traditional car batteries.

Conventional batteries technology

The traditional car batteries have been in the market to a long time with the most popular ones being the lead-acid options that have a couple of rods known as terminals made of lead which is where the cables are attached. They also have distilled water and sulphuric acid electrolytes whose primary role is to act as a medium of transfer of the ions. The RB Battery works by breaking the water molecules into oxygen gas and hydrogen ions whereby the latter is used in the reduction of the electrolytes in use which explains why water has to be added into the device constantly for effective performance.

Maintenance free technology

This type comes in two major types one of them being the lead terminals made of lead and calcium that offers adequate resistance to heating as well as reduction of overheating the current which is the major cause of the release of hydrogen gas. It is at this point that a process known as oxygen recombination cycle which involves recombination of the hydrogen gas that is released and oxygen gas to form water which explains why there is no need to keep adding water like for the traditional make. The MF batteries are also sealed except for a tiny vent hole which minimizes loss of water which eliminates the need for refilling and all one has to do is fix it and they are good to go. To gain more knowledge on the importance of battery, go to

There are several benefits that come with the MF batteries which include no need for refilling and one does not, therefore, need any water for the device to function effectively. They are also entirely sealed which eliminates any possible access to electrolytes in addition to a longer lifespan and durability all thanks to the slow discharge rate. Most of them also popularly use calcium alloy, unlike the traditional ones that use Antimony Selenium alloy. Check this maintenance free auto battery supplier here!

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